Author of Historical Romance

Dear Reader

Have you ever felt that no matter what, for better or worse, you’d landed in just the right circle of friends that you could weather anything? I confess, I was at a Romantic Times Convention behaving like a perfect lady (or I might have been at a restaurant laughing so hard my face hurt) and after looking around the table I got to thinking about how lifelong friendships are formed… 

Is it different for men and women? And then I thought about it. . . “Band of Brothers” was on HBO, and the war was on in the Middle East and I thought about the bonds that are formed in the worst of times — and the Jaded Gentlemen were born.

I wanted to write about heroes with a unique brotherhood that had nothing to do with their backgrounds or social standing, but more to do with survival and honor and all the glorious primal characteristics that make my heart beat a little faster. After all, polished and titled is always attractive, but what about that rugged soldier, or that handsome doctor, or tortured artist? I wanted each man to have their own tale to tell and their own distinct path to take to a ‘happily ever after’.

After all, not everyone recovers from tragedy the same way and I wanted to let each man address the question of restoration in his own special way. One by throwing himself back into the social life of Victorian London and all its naughty possibilities and another by trying to hurt anyone who has dealt one of his friend’s an injustice.

So “Revenge Wears Rubies” is the first in this new series and is Galen Hawke’s tale of a man trying to right a wrong, and getting his heart lost along the way when he learns that justice is rarely clear-cut — especially when a beautiful woman like Haley Moreland is involved.

I hope you’ll enjoy meeting the gentlemen of the Jaded as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them! And for those friends who have stuck with me despite my talent for being that woman with the toilet paper stuck to her shoe whenever she meets a handsome man — I thank you. And for all my readers and friends, I am grateful for all your wonderful emails and notes. I am forever in your debt!

Warmest Regards,
Renee Bernard