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Robin Williams

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When I was young, comedy was like a forbidden and guilt-tinged pleasure.  It started with the Smothers Brothers but it rolled from there in our house.  My teenage sisters had somehow smuggled in comedy albums into their collections…and I never missed a chance to lurk with my ear pressed against their bedroom door when they played those albums.  The language was raw sometimes–shocking and wonderful.  And I associated all of it with “being an adult”.  And when Robin...

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I’m not sure why….no, wait, that’s a lie.  I’m completely sure why the news that Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie book news hit me hard.  I think like most writers, so much energy is spent on trying to write a better book, to create a better story, to elevate your game that when someone who I genuinely consider a celebrity for all the wrong reasons just–takes a 300+ page bowel movement and calls it “art”…or “a...

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The Rubber Room

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A strange new irony presented itself in my little author world this  week. You see, a lot of my friends are in San Antonio at RWA’s National convention.  Authors have traveled from all over to meet together, to attend workshops about craft, to hone their marketing skills and to talk about all things books.  I mean it.  ALL things books.  The quest is to get better, to improve, to succeed at writing books. And what lands in an inbox today?  A note from a Major NY Publishing house...

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Coming Out

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I'm on my own. I've never been more terrified and more exhilarated. Because now, it's just the readers and me. And we'll see what happens next.

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An Unexpected Revelation

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And yes, my Dear Readers. There will be a great deal of kissing.

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A Scary Kind of Love…

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A Scary Kind of Love…

So, it’s that time of year.  Witches and carved pumpkins, fake spider webs and the worst movie marathons most television channels can rummage up for our long-suffering enjoyment…  And even for a woman who LOVES the autumn, Samhain and all the delights of the season…it can wear on the nerves. However, for my husband, who is a zombie fanatic, it is heaven on earth.  And because I love the man, I found myself hunkering down to finally attempt to absorb what it is that makes...

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